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The Beginning

The game began with the characters learning their back story and the players getting to know one another and interact with each other.

We started out in a bar with the four players in attendance (at the moment I do not remember all of the characters names so I will just got by class. The Druid and the Ranger enter the bar outside of town to meet with the other characters already present, The Rogue and the Mapmaker (ranged rogue), as well as the NPC Charlie (retired knight). The characters chat abit, catching up and the sort while the NPC Charles is over in the corner playing cards with a group of mercenaries. All is going well until a loud bang resounds through the bar coming from the area the card game was being played. The Half-Orc Sergeant of the Mercenaries accuses Charles of cheating. Charles brushes this off as the complaint of a loser and that luck was with him that night. The Sergeant was then dragged off by some of his men to avoid starting a fight. Charles returned to the table with the rest of the party and joined into the banter, a plan was laid out to follow the Map Maker out to map a few regions in the forest with the help of the Ranger and Druid. The Rogue who was Charles ward come to adulthood excused himself to be off on a job of mischief and vanished into the evening. Charles also excused himself to a small shack in the back of the bar he had rented for the evening rather then drift back to town after a night of drinking. However Charles faithful dog Graag chose to remain behind in the warmth of the Bar.

Not long after Charles disappeared did the remainder of the party members hear a loud commotion come from outside of the bar near the back. They went to investigate and found the drunk half-orc from the card game earlier standing over Charles prone form with bloody sword in hand. The part quickly dispatched the half-orc ending with the Druid’s scimitar buried to the hilt in the drunken half-orcs back. They soon discovered that poor Charles was quite dead, they swiftly looted the corpse and observed Graag (the dog) sniff it’s dead masters body and take off down the street. Meanwhile the Rogue was finishing up his thieving business with the help of a fellow rogue when Graag tackles the Rogue from behind and forcefully moves him towards where his friends are located. The Rogue relents to the dog and requests to meet up with his fellow rogue later to split the spoils.

Once The Rogue and Graag arrive there is a period of mourning followed by the dog calling attention to its collar and upon inspection by The Rogue, finds a note inside the unique collar as well as a small ring on a leather cord. The note relays information long hidden by The Rogue’s now deceased father figure. It tells The Rogue that he is not the son of Charles, but of the long dead Baron Jacob.

hold here for more after sleep is achieved


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